In March, Vino and Canvas celebrated six years! The birthday of our very first event, ever, is an incredibly humbling time for me. When I first started this business, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if the business would even be a success. In six years, I’ve grown tremendously. I have found the inner entrepreneur I never knew I had. Seriously, I doubted myself a lot in the beginning! I finally feel like I’m a #boss!

Personally, I changed quite a bit too! Next month, I’ll celebrate five years of marriage and I am a mother of two toddlers. Yep, two toddlers… Now I’m a “mom-preneur” and I spend most days juggling our daily activities as a family AND managing a business with an average of 25 events a month! It’s definitely not easy but gosh, I feel blessed.

I do miss physically being at every event. In the first two to three years of business, I was at every… single.. event. During this time, I met thousands of our customers. Many of whom shared their personal stories with me and joy of Vino and Canvas. I shortly discovered that many people needed this… they needed the outlet, the time with the girlfriends, the art therapy, the fun. This business has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. Many of you, our fabulous customers, have become amazing friends! Thank you for sharing your joy with me and our team. We couldn’t ask for a better gift.

We, as a team, look forward to sharing so much more with you! Let’s continue to make 2019 the best year yet and I can’t wait to see you at an event.

Melissa Trinkl, Founder
Vino and Canvas

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