Arizona’s #1 Painting Party Business

Vino and Canvas is a mobile business that provides a fun night out while guests learn to paint in a party like atmosphere.

  • Arizona’s original mobile painting party business
  • A premium painting party experience
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Public classes, private events, corporate events and fundraisers

Event Objectives

We are in need of hip, classy, local venues with semi-private or private dining spaces to hold monthly or bi-weekly painting events. Events are often public, however, if the space allows Vino and Canvas receives private and corporate event requests as well.

Event Goals

Each event to bring an average of 20 customers (determined by space and ticket sales). Customers will purchase food and beverage during the event.

  • To maximize revenue potential at every single event
  • To have customers arrive early and take advantage venue promotions (i.e. happy hour)
  • To bring new customers to the establishment
  • To build awareness of Vino and Canvas to current restaurant customers

Event Needs

To be a successful event, Vino and Canvas needs the following:

  • 3.5-4 hours of time and space
  • A semi-private or private dining area equipped with tables, chairs and light
  • Access to a water source
  • Effective cross-promotion
  • A waitress to attend to customers throughout the event
  • A mop drain to dispose of water at the end of the event

Event Statistics

Establishment space and current promotions play a significant part in the overall success of every event. Please keep in mind that each Vino and Canvas partner location is different in size, availability, and offers various food and beverage discounts.

The following statistics were compiled over the course of a year; an average of 250+ events:

  • Average Attendance Per Event – 20 Attendees
  • Average Alcohol Sales Per Event – 18 Wine/Beer Purchases
  • Other Beverage Sales – 2 Soda/Tea Purchases
  • Food Sales During an Event – 5 Attendees Purchased an Appetizer or Entree
  • Customers Who Arrived Early – 5 Attendees Arrived Early for Appetizer or Entree
  • First-Time Customers Who Were New to the Establishment – 16 Participants

Vino and Canvas staff compiled data at each and every event noting food/beverage sales and speaking with customers and restaurant staff. 

Restaurant Sales

Your restaurant will earn an average of $300 – 900 in food and beverage sales depending on the size of the group!

    Additional Information

    Founder, Melissa Trinkl, has a Masters in Hospitality Administration and a great understanding of your restaurant needs. We assure you that Vino and Canvas is the cleanest painting party. Each event provides freshly washed black table linens and aprons creating a more elegant feel. Additionally, we only use acrylic paint which is water soluble and easily removed with soap and water. We dispose of dirty water at the end of the event and later clean all supplies at our office. There is no supply cleaning at the establishment and our staff triple checks the space before departure assuring that the space is left better than when found.

    Each event is promoted on multiple pages of our website, in our bi-weekly newsletter to 5,500+ customers, and on various social media pages. In order for each event to be truly successful, we ask that our partner locations also promote the event on their website(s), newsletter and/or event calendar.

    Our staff will arrive one hour beforehand to setup the space. Our customers often arrive early, are thirsty and are often hungry too. You will receive new customers and increased revenue with each event.


    Events that due not meet our attendance goals are subject to cancellation. All cancellations are made 48-hours prior to the event date.

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