Our most frequently asked questions.

Do you have a studio?

Vino and Canvas does NOT have a studio. We are a mobile business that brings the fun to YOU. We offer in-person classes throughout Phoenix, Arizona and virtual classes to the entire world. 

Will you come to my home? Office? Community clubhouse?

Absolutely! Provide us an Arizona address and we’ll be there.

Is there a minimum number of participants required?

All packages are for a minimum of 10 painters. You do not physically need 10 painters but that is the minimum charge. For example, if you have reserved The Original Painting Package and only have 8 participants, you will still be charged $300. 

What if I have more than 10 painters?

No problem! We have supplies for 100+! Cost is per person after 10 painters.

Do you require a deposit?

All in-person party reservations require a $150 deposit. All virutal party reservations require a $50 deposit.

Is there a travel fee?

There is a travel fee for all locations greater than 30 miles from Cave Creek, Arizona.

What if I can't paint?

No sweat! This is a fun art class NOT a fine art lesson. We’ll walk you through every step of the way. 

Can we select more than one painting from the art gallery?

A professional art instructor will paint along with you while guiding you every step of the way in creating your very own masterpiece. Due to time limitations and to avoid any possible confusion, we only allow one sample per party. 

What kind of paint do you use?

We only use acrylic paints. All paints are non-toxic, oderless, water soluble, and user friendly.

Where's the vino?

Vino and Canvas does not provide or sell alcohol as part or as in addition to any of our packages. You will need to provide your own food and beverage. 

It is okay if we eat and drink while painting?

Of course! No limitations there… except chicken wings. laughing Those might get a little messy. 

Can I extend the length of my party?

Absolutely! All time additions are billed at $50 for 30 additional minutes of painting. 

Can I shorten the length of my party?

Absolutely! Unfortuantely we cannot provide a discount for classes requiring less time. Tell us when you need us and for how long. We’ll be there!

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