Art Instructor

I was born in New Jersey where I did a lot of walking around in the woods and spending a lot of time in nature. I believe this is what inspired my love for poetry which later blossomed to wanting to add visuals to my words. I have a copy of a book I wrote as a 9 year old, “My Mother is like Sugar”, so I am convinced I knew early about the combination. I pursued a degree at University of Maryland. It wasn’t until after college that I got involved with art. The art building was in the same building as the sociology department, which was one of my majors (the other was Criminal Justice). However, I was interested in the art but knew my parents would have a problem with more years at college. It wasn’t until after I graduated I moved to Arizona where my family had relocated from New Jersey.  I got a job for an artist, first job out of college. I couldn’t wait tables because I had a broken foot so I found this job.  I was delaying grad school and law school to explore life. Got a job as an airbrush painter for The Casey Collection in Scottsdale airpark, working for Richard Casey, a sculptor from California. I then realized I wanted to become an artist!!! I had been into the arts as ballet dancer, ballroom dance teacher, and musician growing up but this fine arts part was new. After that I apprenticed under another artist George Judson.

I had moved to Ohio with a fiance in 2001, and there went back to school for a teacher license to teach art, it was basically like getting another bachelors. It took 3 years. In 2007, I returned to Arizona and started teaching art to grades 5 through 12 at a very advanced charter school. I did solo and group exhibitions throughout Arizona and Ohio. I have done a number of commissioned paintings. In 2013, I studied at Academy of Art, an MFA in painting for a couple of years. Now I still teach adults and kids kindergarten through 8th grade. It is a joy to see the creativity of children! It is fun and quite challenging!

I enjoy painting the most. I am working on an illustrated memoir, and an ancient map jewelry line with clay and copper enameling.

I love teaching painting to adults while drinking wine! It is fun and everyone does better than they think they will! Cheers!