In November we challenged our customers to participate in the 30 Day Thankfulness Challenge. The #30dayThankfulnessChallenge had nothing to do with us or art for that matter, but it sure was an awesome way to reflect on the month, our customers and how far we have come as a business. Know that we owe that all to you. Do you know what we are most thankful for? …YOU! Thank you.

We wanted to recap what we were most thankful for in November of 2016:

  1. Customers
    • Without you we wouldn’t be the business that we are today. With four years of business and over 1,200 events, that’s a lot of customers. Many of you have attended again and again. Thank you simply isn’t enough.
  2. Partner Restaurants
    • Over the last four years we have worked with over 65 different locations across the valley. As a mobile business, we depend on these partnerships. The management and staff we have met, the different vibe and wow factor of each location, the consistency of events… We are very very thankful for such awesome partners. Shout out to Terroir Wine Pub in Scottsdale as Terroir was our FIRST partner and we continue to work with this location still today.
  3. Mobility
    • Having the ability to travel to you… to your homes, offices, nearby restaurants… When booking a private party with Vino and Canvas, you have allowed us into your homes and to be a part of the celebration. Thank you! We look forward to more birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and fun.
  4. Inspiring Artists
    • Today we are thankful for inspiring artists such as PIcasso, Monet, Warhol, Bob Ross… There isn’t a single event where a painter doesn’t reference an artist. Our world is more beautiful with your inspiring art.
  5. Color
    • Simply adding any color to a white canvas can create a feeling of happiness. Whether your following a Vino and Canvas Art Instructor step-by-step or if you are doing your own thing, color can create such a sense of happiness… of wholeness.. of completion. Applying color to the canvas is therapeutic. We’ve learned that our customers especially love the brightness of such colors like yellow and red. What color are you thankful for?
  6. The Color White
    • In addition to yesterday’s post about color, we are thankful for the color white! White makes it so easy to cover up something on a painting. Its like an eraser! Just white-out and start again. White can also really enhance the brightness of a color or can change the tone.
  7. Wine
    • Today we are thankful for the “vino” in Vino and Canvas! A glass of wine can make you feel relaxed and allow the creative juices to flow at a Vino and Canvas event. We’re especially thankful that all of our public events are scheduled around Happy Hour.
  8. Frames
    • Have you put a frame on one of your Vino and Canvas masterpieces? Simply adding an inexpensive frame can really make your painting look and feel like a true work of art.
  9. Aprons
    • An apron protects your clothing at a Vino and Canvas event. Did you know we wash and fold every single one of our aprons after each and every event?! Our aprons are always fresh just for you. Only the best for our customers.
  10. Themed Paintings
    • Having a holiday themed painting can make a great addition to your holiday decor. You can store it away until its time to decorate. Each year you’ll be impressed by your artistic talents and can proudly put it on display with your decor. Check out our December Event Calendar and join us for a holiday themed painting event.
  11. Military
    • Today we are thankful for the men and women who have served our country. Your bravery, honor, and commitment make you true role models. The freedom we have is not free and we sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you have made.
  12. Pets
    • At this afternoon’s Pop Art Your Pet Private Party, we truly enjoyed our painters artistic creations of their beautiful pets. Let us help you plan a memorable painting event. For more information visit our website at
  13. Great Weather
    • At recent events we have had the pleasure of painting outside and the weather could have not been more perfect. We’re loving Fall in AZ!
  14. Busy Work Days
    • With three events today, we are in Scottsdale, Surprise and N Scottsdale at Desert Mountain. Thank you for your business and we are so thankful to be busy!
  15. VIPs
    • Today we are thankful for our many repeat customers and Very Important Painters (VIPs)! We saw many returning faces at last night’s events. Specifically at Irish Wolfhound Restaurant & Pub where 1/2 of the group had attended before! We wouldn’t be the business we are today if it wasn’t for your continued business. Thank you! Learn more about our VIP program.
  16. Birthdays
    • What better way to spend your birthday than with a Vino and Canvas private painting event?! We also offer kids parties too! Check out our website for more information.
  17. Social Media
    • Facebook and Google + makes it so easy to keep in touch with our customers. We love seeing your event photos and feedback. Thank you for sharing with us!
  18. Gift Certificates
    • What a great was to share the gift of creativity. All Vino and Canvas gift certificates are currently on sale!
  19. The Weekend
    • Stop by the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour and support Arizona’s local artists. We did!
  20. Rainy Days
    • We felt creative indoors today and loved it.
  21. The Male Figure
    • Say, “Ooh La La…”. Did you know we over live model figure sketching classes? Better yet, we hire a male model from a local modeling agency and promise he is gorgeous.
  22. Paint
    • Oil, acrylic, watercolor, finger… whatever! Its just fun!
  23. Early Weekend Sales
    • Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and/or Cyber Monday.  Whatever the sale, we are offering one mega deal.
  24. Thanksgiving
    • Today is a day of family, friends, laughter and delicious food. Whatever your plans are today, know that we are thankful for you. Cheers to you and a wonderful rest of 2016.
  25. The Internet
    • With so many sales and crowds, we’re choosing to start our holiday shopping online. Did you know you can purchase a Vino and Canvas gift certificate at a discounted rate this weekend? Happy shopping!
  26. Small Business Saturday
    • As a small business, it is important to support local businesses. Like many small businesses, we compete with the big guys! Your business it what keeps us in business. Thank you! Shop small today and thank you for your support.
  27. A Blank Canvas
    • A blank canvas can be left blank or it can be filled with paints and creativity! We challenge you to explore your creative side and find your inner child at a Vino and Canvas event. Let yourself go wild and remember that it doesn’t have to be “perfect”. Your painting will be perfectly YOURS!
  28. Paint Brushes
    • A simple tool in a variety of sizes that can be held a number of different ways all while giving a completely different look to your painting. Painting is often like handwriting… how you use the tool/brush is likely to be different from your neighbor’s’. Embrace it!
  29. Happy Hour
    • Something about arriving early to an event and enjoying a bite to eat and/or a cocktail, really puts us in the mood for fun night out with friends and painting! Who doesn’t love a Happy Hour special!?!? All of our partner locations do offer Happy Hour specials before and/or during every event. Come early!
  30. The Vino and Canvas Team
    • We have a talented group of women who teach our events. They are all art professionals with years of experience. Their personalities, professionalism, and humor bring great fun to each of our events. Special shout out to LeeAnn, Amy, Nancy and Casey for your commitment to our customers. You guys rock!

Thirty days is not enough days to express all that it is we are grateful for. Thank you to those who also participated in this challenge.

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